Dear English Teachers of West Virginia,

We are passionate teachers who are committed to providing our students with the highest quality instruction and most valuable learning experience we can offer. We believe English teachers throughout our state have a story to tell, expertise to share, and the ability to change and shape the lives of our students. We believe that when teachers are connected, have a voice, and are plugged in, students benefit. 

WVCTE provides teachers a network for meaningful professional learning, so our classrooms become places where learning matters and endures.

 Please join us in uniting West Virginia educators. Let’s inspire greatness together.

WVCTE Executive Committee

Let's learn and grow together.

WVCTE Best Practices Blog


Cultivating Challenge

Challenge is the bedrock of happiness. Cultivating challenge will spark your interest and enthusiasm to enjoy this wild gift called life. Find some inspiration to act here.


Snow Days: blessing or curse?

January!  Definitely a word that triggers lots of emotions:  new beginnings, resolutions, auld lang syne and for teachers, the midpoint of the school year.  We’re in the home stretch!!  But there’s always a little teeny Read more…


Clear Vision

By Toni M. Poling I don’t make personal resolutions at the beginning of each new year.  This is mostly because I try not to lie to myself.  In the past decade I’ve joined a gym.  Read more…


A Love Letter to Poetry

I am about to tell you how I became a teacher. I became a teacher because for either the most naive or idealistic reason, but probably a combination of the two. It is because of poetry. I love it. Love it with a sustaining, carry my favorite collections as holy, memorizing poems to give myself the shivers at will love.