Learn how you can help to advance English Language Arts in the Mountain State.

  By Karla Hilliard I love watching my children play. I love watching them snap on their unicorn-horned rainbow mohawk bike helmets and hit the pavement with their bikes and scooters. I love watching the neighborhood gang assemble, all gangly and gap toothed. I love......

BY: LIZ KEIPER Student: “Yo, like all of these archetypes are in Fortnite!” Me: “Heck yeah they are! That’s pretty much the point…” ***** I’m in a love relationship with archetypes. To me, literary archetypes take symbolism to a whole new level—it’s literary symbols that......

The West Virginia Council of Teachers of English is committed to promoting literacy and lifelong learning by empowering and inspiring educators through professional development and collegial communication. WVCTE seeks to connect educators across the state to improve the teaching of English Language Arts at all levels.

Dear English Teachers of West Virginia,

We are a group of passionate teachers who are committed to providing our students with the highest quality instruction and most valuable learning experience we can offer. We believe English teachers throughout our state have a story to tell, expertise to share, and the ability to change and shape the lives of our students. 

We believe when teachers are connected, have a voice, and are plugged in, students benefit. WVCTE provides teachers a professional experience that inspires greatness, so they can reach their students in ways that result in learning that matters and endures.   

Please join us in uniting West Virginia educators. 

Let’s inspire greatness together. 

WVCTE Executive Committee