Dear English Teachers of West Virginia,

We are passionate teachers who are committed to providing our students with the highest quality instruction and most valuable learning experience we can offer. We believe English teachers throughout our state have a story to tell, expertise to share, and the ability to change and shape the lives of our students. We believe that when teachers are connected, have a voice, and are plugged in, students benefit. 

WVCTE provides teachers a network for meaningful professional learning, so our classrooms become places where learning matters and endures.

 Please join us in uniting West Virginia educators. Let’s inspire greatness together.

WVCTE Executive Committee

Let's learn and grow together.

WVCTE Best Practices Blog


The Compassion Challenge

Students today are facing unique—and sometimes overwhelming—challenges. Maybe all they’re giving is all they have. How can we help them? Compassion.


The Road Less Travelled

By: Toni M. Poling When my son turned six, we bought him a Ninja Turtle bicycle, complete with Leonardo helmet and Ninja Turtle knee and elbow pads.  I couldn’t wait to watch him zipping around Read more…


Setting Goals Alongside Students

By: Jessica Michael Bowman Ah, February. Gone is the effervescent, champagne flavored thrill of January that promised me a new, exciting beginning. The clinking of glass and joyful toasts are now drowned out by the Read more…