January!  Definitely a word that triggers lots of emotions:  new beginnings, resolutions, auld lang syne and for teachers, the midpoint of the school year.  We’re in the home stretch!!  But there’s always a little teeny tiny hiccup this time of year, that four letter word that many of us love and hate:  snow.  Yes, this is the season of snow days.  They wreak havoc on our lesson plans, throw students out of their routines and cause loads of frustration but snow days are really the way to work in some mental health days into this part of the school year.

This could be the year of snow days.  A quick search on Google hints of impending weather doom this winter:

snow 1snow 2

And my personal favorite prediction:  snow-verload!

So what’s a teacher to do once snow-geddon arrives?  Relax.  Read a book.  Binge watch.  Rest.   Use this time for self-care.   The second semester drains teachers so these little respites will help keep you going through the last 90 days of the year.  The more restored you keep yourself, the easier it will be for you to engage and challenge your students who will be off their routine and extra wiggly.  Don’t stress and fret over your lesson plans.  Everything will work out.

Teacher Mary Morris shares her thoughts most creatively about snow days

snow 3


If the polar coaster doesn’t come soon enough, give one of these snow day rituals a try:

  • Wear your pajamas inside out
  • Put a white crayon in the freezer
  • Flush an ice cube
  • Start dancing!

Stay warm!  Happy New Year!

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Cheryl Stahle is a contributing blogger for WVCTE.  She teaches at Parkersburg High School and is the Co-Director of the Central West Virginia Writing Project based out of Marshall University and is the Vice President of the Greater Kanawha Valley Reading Council.  She is a not so regular tweeter @msstahleclass but you can find her on Instagram at @stahlecheryl.  Cheryl presents professional development at local and state conferences throughout the year—make sure to stop by and introduce yourself!  Besides teaching American Literature, her other classroom goal is to teach 1970s classic rock to her students.  This year, Cheryl is working on her Superintendent certification….more to come on this.

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