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Our story

In the fall of 2014, we were at the National Council of Teachers of English annual convention in Washington, D.C. It was one of the most inspiring and motivating professional developments we had ever attended. We travelled from session to session, our sense of purpose and identity as ELA educators renewed through the incredible stories, collaborations, and resources we were witnessing and experiencing. It was while chatting with a Louisiana educator at the Secondary Educators luncheon, we learned about state affiliates. You see, our new friend from Louisiana had just come from her state affiliate conference, and she was excitedly sharing with us all the ways ELA teachers in her region were bringing the energy and connection of NCTE to their home state through their affiliate.

Imagine our excitement as we raced back to our hotel that night to search the NCTE resources for our state affiliate. And imagine how deflated we felt only to discover that, at the time, West Virginia was one of four states with no state affiliate.

At that moment, we knew what had to be done.

And so, adopting an “if we build it, they will come” mentality, we networked, we collaborated, and we met with other state affiliate coordinators, and in 2016 the West Virginia Council of Teachers of English received its official affiliate status.

We are so excited, humbled, and honored to be representing West Virginia, WVCTE, and to be spear-heading this movement of teacher voice, expertise, and connectedness. We truly believe that the work teachers do is important, valuable, and worth sharing.

Let’s learn and grow together,

Jessica Salfia, President WVCTE

Karla Hilliard, Executive Vice-President WVCTE

Vision & Objectives


The West Virginia Council of Teachers of English is committed to promoting literacy and lifelong learning by empowering and inspiring educators through professional development and collaboration. WVCTE seeks to connect educators across the state to improve the teaching of English Language Arts at all levels.


WVCTE will…

  • Empower and connect ELA teachers of all grade levels across West Virginia.
  • Build a community of passionate ELA educators of all levels.
  • Serve literacy educators at all career phases (pre-service and practicing) and levels (elementary, middle, secondary, and college).
  • Provide opportunities for discussion, group study, and reflection on the teaching of English/Language Arts.
  • Strengthen the English Language Arts instruction to meet students needs.
  • Communicate relevant information, ideas, and research.
  • Coordinate and provide resources and support for literacy and lifelong learning.
  • Recognize contributions and accomplishments in the area of literacy education and lifelong learning.
  • Collaborate with other organizations and institutions in related activities.