The Road Less Travelled

By: Toni M. Poling When my son turned six, we bought him a Ninja Turtle bicycle, complete with Leonardo helmet and Ninja Turtle knee and elbow pads.  I couldn’t wait to watch him zipping around the park on his bike!  I told him story after story of how I spent Read more…

By Toni Poling, ago

Setting Goals Alongside Students

By: Jessica Michael Bowman Ah, February. Gone is the effervescent, champagne flavored thrill of January that promised me a new, exciting beginning. The clinking of glass and joyful toasts are now drowned out by the steady rush of rainwater down the street as I trudge through the grey morning. A little Read more…

By Jessica Bowman, ago

A Global Look at Teaching English

It’s a rare opportunity to share what other English teachers around the globe do in their classrooms to instill the love of language and literature that many of us have.   Do we have similar challenges? Successes? Joys? Frustrations? Are our classes really that different? Recently, Alexa Griffey, a hometown Read more…

By Cheryl Stahle, ago

Courage, Dear Heart

February is the cruelest month for teachers. In the face of constant threats to public education, please remember that you have a lasting impact, no matter how powerless or insignificant you may feel. Take courage.

By fisheradrin, ago