The Power of the Handwritten Word

Today’s post is brought to you by guest contributor Kayla Good, Language Arts teacher extraordinaire at Poca Middle School. We love Kayla’s smart reflection on her craft and the work that engages her students.  By Kayla Good I am a firm believer that teaching children empathy and understanding is of utmost Read more…

By karlahilliard, ago

A Little Fall Voice

My students hate to write and it shows.  Those happy little writers in elementary school making their first board books have been sucked up into the morass of testing and spit back out as writing curmudgeons.  They have lost their voice when it comes to putting ideas down on paper. Read more…

By Cheryl Stahle, ago

Let’s Talk About Books!

I value my students’ identities as readers and writers and I have been consciously making changes in my classroom to reflect that.  My classroom climate is becoming one where a culture of reading is the norm and notthe exception.  My students pull out books at every opportunity and it fills Read more…

By Toni Poling, ago