A Love Letter to Poetry

I am about to tell you how I became a teacher. I became a teacher because for either the most naive or idealistic reason, but probably a combination of the two. It is because of poetry. I love it. Love it with a sustaining, carry my favorite collections as holy, memorizing poems to give myself the shivers at will love.

By karlahilliard, ago

Art as Argument

By Jessica Salfia Understanding visual rhetoric is not just an important part of most AP Language and Composition curriculums, but it is an essential skill our students need as members of society. We are bombarded with images—images intended to persuade and influence us. Our students must be able to identify Read more…

By Jessica Salfia, ago

Metaphorically Speaking

Me: “Today we are going to talk about poetry! Who’s excited?” Every class I’ve ever had: *crickets* I’m not sure about your students, but mine don’t love poetry.  A few years ago, when we switched to the standards which shall not be named and our focus shifted to informational text, Read more…

By Toni Poling, ago