Appalachian Studies

Look at Me Lines

By Jessica Salfia On April 20-21, 2018 WVCTE co-hosted along with NWP@WVU our first annual WVELA conference. This event featured some incredible teachers, speakers, presenters, and writers who inspired the ELA teachers of West Virginia all weekend. (And don’t worry–a blog post laden with ALL the #WVELA18 reflections and feels Read more…

By Jessica Salfia, ago

Watcha Gonna Do? WORDBUSTING!

By MK Jarvis   Every once in awhile a really cool strategy comes along that I know will help hone my students’ writing skills.  While perusing our old Elements of Language textbook I ran across something called wordbusting (Cue Ray Parker, Jr. because I know you’re singing that song!). Some Read more…

By karlahilliard, ago