Poetry March Madness!

I always find that the month of March presents the extra special problem of the brackets.  I am constantly finding them around the room and in the halls; discussion around the school amongst the students centers around who has the best bracket.  This year, I wanted to find a way Read more…

By Toni Poling, ago

A Lesson I Love: Imitating Poetry

Reading more poetry with my students has been a goal of mine these past few years, and it’s been a goal I feel has been readily achieved with ideas like creating Heart Books or reading novels in verse. But writing poetry–well, that’s a different story. Students who aren’t accustomed to writing poetry need a scaffold before Read more…

By Shana Karnes, ago

The 12 Days of Poetry

BY: Jessica Salfia The month before holiday break can be tough.  Kids are tired. Teachers are tired. I’ve heard it called the “lame duck” days of teaching.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re all just holding on until exams or break, not really wanting to jump into something brand new, Read more…

By Jessica Salfia, ago