On Teaching Shakespeare and Skinning Cats

by Adrin Fisher There’s more than one way to skin a cat. This gruesome proverb, with roots in Renaissance England, describes precisely how a teacher in the early twenty-first century should be teaching Shakespeare:  however she can. During my career, I’ve taught at least one play by The Bard per Read more…

By fisheradrin, ago

Connecting Stories: The Archetype Scavenger Hunt

BY: LIZ KEIPER Student: “Yo, like all of these archetypes are in Fortnite!” Me: “Heck yeah they are! That’s pretty much the point…” ***** I’m in a love relationship with archetypes. To me, literary archetypes take symbolism to a whole new level—it’s literary symbols that inherently encourage text connections. Thinking Read more…

By Liz Keiper, ago